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About Us

  Ravara Design operates in several areas of design, footwear design; fashion design and textile; product design (industrial, graphic design/communication) and it also provides consulting and training services on the following areas of operation:  

Footwear Design | Product Design | Graphic Design


Footwear Design

_ ASHA is a footwear brand created by Ravara Design.
It developed with the objective of questioning the relationship between the aesthetic part of specialized footwear and the emotions that this causes in the users.
Have a look @ ASHA

1st Place _ Fashion Design_ Lisbon Design Show 16
2nd Place_ Revelation Prize_ Lisbon Design Show 16
Prize "Social Entrepreneurship"

_We develop collections for private label and custom footwear

_New Brand coming soon
A brand of "interchangeable" footwear will be launched soon, where it will be possible to adapt the inside and the outside of your shoes.

Product Design

We turn the vision of the customer into a product that is brilliantly innovative. After identifying the requirements and needs of the customer/product, and identifying the target user/public, we proceed to an in-depth research regarding consumer behavior, lifestyle, trends, materials, construction processes, as well as everything that influences the development of the new product concept.

Therefore, in order to create a new product that will result with success, we focus on the creative process. This will generate strong concepts, by developing them, giving them form and guaranteeing completely innovative design products, eco-friendly and with competitive advantage.

Having a multi task team also allows us to develop projects for fairs, such as stands, stepping through the entire processes (from paper to the installation).

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Graphic Design

We update and develop value brands through consumer experiences, contact with other brands and design tools.

We generate concepts, create the identity you need for your new brand, by designing logos, business cards, labels, banners, outdoors, packaging, as well as other corporate elements.

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